K A I T L Y N     M A N N

Singer Songwriter

Kaitlyn Mann

Her Story

Beginning - 

Kaitlyn is a 17 year old pop recording artist and songwriter who arrange and program all of her own songs. She started playing piano at the age of 6 and has won international piano competitions with performances at Carnegie Hall in New York CIty.  
Kaitlyn has a very distinctive look in that she has never cut her curly, Rapunzel-like hair which reaches down to her ankles.  

Pop Songwriter and Performer

Kaitlyn started songwriting when she was 13 and performed at iconic venues in New York City such at the Bitter End and Mercury Lounge.
Her deep, expressive tone and distinctive song lyrics establish an immediate connection with her audience.
Kaitlyn's songs are undeniably 'hooky' and evocative.

Pop Recording Artist and Releases

Kaitlyn has been mentored by music industry greats and Grammy Award winning mixers, engineers, producers Kevin Killen and Mario J. McNulty.  

Her latest singles "Make Me Crave", "High", and "Love Me Like I'm Her" are available on streaming everywhere.  

Kaitlyn's "Make Me Crave" music video and debut EP are due for release end of summer/fall 2017.